Admission In Progress

With a year to master a broad range of topics in fashion design and illustration, our course is designed to follow challenging instructions and demanding assignment schedules.    

Prospective students are therefore advised to be ready to commit fully to a highly demanding course.

We have a keen interest in individuals who are passionate about fashion, self-motivated, and willing to learn. While we remain committed to providing needed direction, we expect our students to possess high levels of emotional maturity and intelligence to be able to produce results in a challenging and extremely competitive environment.

In order to guarantee admission, the following details have been provided:

•       Should be 18 years or above. Applicants who are below 18 years can only apply with an official consent letter from either parents, guardians, or sponsors.

•       Provide proof of qualification if any

•  Applicants should be able to communicate in both spoken and written English and any Ghanaian language of choice.

    • Applicants must provide 2 passport-size photographs on a white background.

    • Admissions can be done in two ways. For offline applications, prospective students can pick up, fill and submit their Admission forms at the school’s premises. Online applicants can call the school’s Administrator on 0595 808 689 or send an email to to purchase the admission form.

    • The admission period is from September to December each year

    • The training period begins in January and ends in December

    • Lessons commence from 9 am to 3 pm from Monday to Thursday

Having satisfied all requirements, students should be ready to learn under strict conditions in terms of complying with the rules and regulations of the school.

The institution provides a payment plan to help students/parents/sponsors who cannot make an outright full payment in order to join the course. Such persons must speak to the Administrator for instructions on what to do to access a payment plan.